What is the cure for throat cancer

There is no cure for cancer.

What type of cancer spreads the fastest?
Throat cancer is the most invasive along with lukemia. Fortunately, throat cancer is one of the easiest to cure.

Can you cure a patient with AIDS who is infected by throat cancer?
Ther is no cure for AIDS

What is the history of throat cancer?
i think that the history of throat cancer started long ago. Since this cancer is curable i pretty sure it was long ago, because it takes a long time to find a cure.

How did Robert Oppenheimer die?
he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer he died of throat cancer

What is the cancer you can get in your throat?
Its called throat cancer or lung cancer.

Is there an effective treat or cure for strep throat?
Antibiotics will cure strep throat.

Does Tamiflu cure strep throat?
No. It will not cure the strep throat. That is antiviral drug.

Does Pepsi cure a sore throat?
No. Pepsi will not cure a sore throat it will make it worst.

Does Adele have throat cancer?
No Adele does not have [throat] cancer.

Does whiskey cure a sore throat?
Whisky does not cure the sore throat. But then you no longer bother about the same.

What type of cancer is tongue and throat cancer?
esophageal cancer is associated with the tongue and throat.

Does Celine Dion have cancer of the throat?
No; her husband had throat cancer.

Do they have a cure for cancer?
No. There are many treatments for cancer but no cure.

Does marijuanna cure cancer?
Maijuanna does not cure cancer.

What is h86 cancer cure?
what is h86 cancer cure

Does oli Sykes have throat cancer?
Oliver Sykes does NOT have testicular cancer or throat cancer. RUMORS.

Can chiropractic cure cancer?
No, chiropractic does not cure cancer. There is no "cure" for cancer at the moment. Do not believe any claims chiropractors make.

Can children get throat cancer?
yes ,I think children can get throat cancer

Strep throat and cancer?
can a strep A throat become troat cancer?

Can strep a throat become troat cancer?
No, but it can become throat cancer.

Is there a cure for Cancer in the Amazon?
well there not a cure for it yet but there trying to make a cure for cancer

Is there a cure for skin cancer?
yes there is a cure for skin cancer

When was A Cure for Cancer created?
A Cure for Cancer was created in 1971.

In the future will there be a cure for cancer?
There is a cure for cancer right now!

Is Justin Biebers throat cancer cured?
Justin Bieber never had throat cancer but I do know that he has had surgery on his throat.

Is the sea cucumber a cure for cancer?
Yes it is a cure for a type of cancer. It is also a cure for aids

What is the one cure for cancer?
There is no cure for cancer. Cancer can be treated with chemotherapy or revolutionary cancer-cell-killing drugs. But these procedures are hit-and-miss, they don't always work. There is no definite cure for cancer.

Does sprite cure a sore throat?
No. Sprite has no medicinal value whatsoever. It may temporarily soothe a sore throat, but it will not cure it.

Cure strep throat?
Strep throat can be cured with antibiotics.

Stage 4 throat cancer?
Stage 4 throat cancer is very serious. It has a survival rate of 30 percent. At this stage, the cancer has spread beyond the throat.

Who discovered a cure for cancer?
bob maurley knew the cure for cancer

What is the cure for skin cancer?
There is no cure for skin cancer now that's your answer.

What kind of cure does breast cancer have?
what kind of cure does breast cancer have?

How many pages does A Cure for Cancer have?
A Cure for Cancer has 256 pages.

Who discovered the cure for lung cancer?
There is no full cure for IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü lung cancer.

What African plant or herb is a cure for cancer?
Im sorry, If there was a cure for cancer, life would change as we know it. There is not A cure for cancer. There never was. My pappy died of cancer, mouth cancer. He'd still be with me if there was a cure. We can only hope there will be a cure for IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü cancer in mere future. But until then, we just have to move on. WELL THEY IS AN AFRICAN PLANT THAT CURES CANCER...

Will amoxicillin trihydrate cure strep throat?
Yes. It can cure strep throat since it is a type of bacterial infection and pencillin drugs are prescribed to treat infections of ear and throat.

If air pollution kills us how will it?
It will give us Cancer and Cancer kills. pollution makes us choke to death when we have an allergic reaction and our throat swells. Many illnesses like Asama, iqos heets cesitleri Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü chronic respiratory disease and cancer can be so bad, or like Cancer, have no cure so that kills us.

Is is possible for iqos 2.4 plus Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü gold to cure cancer?
It is possible for gold to cure cancer. Gold might be used to fund the research that eventually finds the cure for cancer.

Who discovered throat cancer?
Robert clayborne dicovered throat cancer in 1865 on an autopsy.

Did chester bennington die of throat cancer?
No, Chester Bennington did not die of throat cancer.

How did Adele get throat cancer?
Hi, she didn't have throat cancer, she had torn vocal chords!

Has penicillin helped cure cancer?
Penicillin is effective against secondary infections of cancer. It is no cure for cancer.

When was Cancer for the Cure created?
Cancer for the Cure was created on 1998-11-30.

Who was the first person to find a cure for IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü skin cancer?
There is no cure for skin cancer.

When was No Cure for Cancer created?
No Cure for Cancer was created on 1993-01-12.

Can marajunan cure cancer?
Marijuana has not been scientifically proven to cure cancer.

Can fruit and vegetables cure cancer?
A healthy diet helps but is not a cure for cancer.

When did Babe Ruth get throat cancer?
Babe Ruth was diagnosed with throat cancer in November 1946.

What color ribbon is for throat cancer?
Burgundy & white (or ivory) is the color ribbon for throat cancer.

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